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Monday, October 1, 2018

Top 4 Major Remodeling Trends In Irvine, CA

Major Remodeling Trends Irvine, CA

Remodeling your home can be a big deal if you choose to do the right project at the right time. In Irvine, there are 4 major trends influencing costs, and designs for homes. We love using trends to determine what customers want, design elements, and how we can cater to them. Trends are determined based of project inquires. 

Summary of 4 Trends 

There are four major trends that are going on in Irvine, CA. The first is lawn removal and drought landscaping. This helps homeowners save approximately $1,200 - $2000 in water costs and lawn maintenance. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing and repairs are another big factor. Costs for kitchen are rising and homes with decent cabinets can resurface and make it new. Some even go as far as repairing existing old cabinets. Recessed LED lights are another big factor to consider when remodeling. The project helps lower electricity costs and helps improve the energy efficiency of your home. Lastly, income properties. Its a big deal for baby boomers that are retiring and need extra income. Garage conversions tend to pay for itself and more! 

Lawn Removal and Drought Tolerant Landscape Designs

Homeowners are always looking for new ways to reduce there utility costs and help improve there home. There are tons of landscaping options, but removing and replacing your lawn with native California friendly landscaping or drought tolerant designs save homeowners over $1,450 annually! 

Trends For Landscaping
  • Lawn Removal 
  • Native Landscape Plants and Shrubs
  • Cacti and other succulents
  • Artificial Grass

Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing & Repairs

Kitchen Cabinets are a big factor in every person kitchen. It is where your kitchenware are stored, and where you have access to utensils. If you have pets, or children, often things break. Cabinets no longer close properly, or have chips. The damages are not serious, so more often than not homeowners ignore it. 

Then one day, things get real. Your kids grow up, and the cabinets are still looking like they are falling apart. Some cabinets might not have doors anymore, others might be missing handles. Its normal if you have not kept up with your kitchen for so many years. 

The big trend is to keep your kitchen in working condition until you are tired of the color, or design and you upgrade by resurfacing. We have seen an increase number of homeowners choosing to resurface cabinets, repaint and sand, while avoiding paying a huge premium for new cabinets. Whats the point if you can reuse it? 

On average homeowners save up to 45% of the costs for a kitchen, when they choose to resurface instead of replace.

Recessed Lighting Living room 

Recess lighting is not a big project, but it can be one of the best home improvement remodeling you can do for your home in Irvine. Its costs can range from $2,500 - $4,590 from a licensed expert. The project itself is not a long project, but when you compare the results homeowners will always save. 

A traditional light bulb uses way to much energy per hour. When you compare $0.03 vs $0.007 per day, that is big difference. Now multiply that by the number of light bulbs and you will understand how much you are actually wasting. 

We encourage all homeowners to take steps to go from traditional lights to LED throughout the house. It will help you stay ahead of the crowd for energy efficiency. 

Garage Conversion | Income Property

Many homeowners are not utilizing the garage and it shows in Irvine, CA. We see at least 50-100 homeowners daily, and out of so many just a few have organized garages. Others are just storing old things, or cars that have not been driven for ages. 

Adding a permitted 2nd unit for your property will help Irvine be one of the best communities for affordable housing. Garage conversions are affordable ways to have an income property without building a whole new structure. Garage conversions in Irvine, ca can bring you an additional $1300 - $2000 depending on your community and the size of your 2nd unit. 

Let us help maximize your garage conversion. We know how to keep costs low, while providing a rental income property that will last. Schedule a free estimate today to get started. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Costs For Vanity Repair - Bathroom Repairs - Irvine, CA

3 Things To Understand - Costs For Vanity Repairs

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on large renovations, or small repairs. Its human nature to reach out and find the best deals.

Our efforts to educate our clients through experience and industrial standards helps clients get the best results. We are a licensed general contractor, helping homeowners in Irvine and rest of Orange County!
(855) 751-4663 | To Schedule an Estimate.

There are three concepts to understand before we can make sense of the range for vanity repairs. Our vanity repair specialists work with our bathroom remodeling contractors to repair what we can, and replace whats left. Something to consider is costs determined are just a range, need an in person estimate. Most homeowners can get real world prices just by visiting our website, however, costs can vary.

Sometimes homeowners would really love to fix a vanity, but its often not possible. Epoxy is what is used to repair the stone counters of the vanity, and real pressured wood is used for cabinets that often get damaged.

Costs for Vanity Repairs |  Range $850 - $3,540

Bathroom Repair Contractors Irvine, CA

Inner City Skyline Inc is your local bathroom remodeling and bathroom repair contractors for the irvine community. We specialize in bathrooms, and bathroom repairs for homeowners. We repair and replace areas damaged due to water, and other damages.

  • We are fully licensed and insured general contractor. 
  • Our bathroom remodeling contractors can help you get the lowest prices on bathroom remodeling and bathroom repairs. 
  • We are dedicated to our projects. We ensure you are absolutely happy with the results! 

When To Repair & When To Replace Bathroom Vanity?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bathroom Repairs Vs Bathroom Remodeling: When is it the right time to remodel?

Bathroom Repairs Vs Bathroom Remodeling: Irvine, CA 

Whether your interested in bathroom remodeling or repairs, it is important to find out about the options that are available to you and at what price point before committing to one or the other for homes in Irvine, CA.

A bit of a mouth full right?
Have you heard that the simple solution tends to be the best one? Our general contractors do hundreds of bathroom remodeling each and every year. We see bathrooms that are in great condition often thrown away to start from scratch, while other homes with a damaged bathroom beyond repairs, still consider repairs over replacing the area. Its complicated, but some things just are.

Small damages can occur throughout the life of your bathroom, and we understand it. In Irvine, Ca most homeowners are working hard and spend less time in there own bathrooms, much then the entire house.

Type of Bathroom Repairs

Tile Repairs

If you noticed a tile that fell off, repairs are necessary so your bathroom wont experience water related damages. Missing tile, can lead to mold formation, seeping water through the cracks into your drywall, which can cause serious damage to the rest of your bathroom.

Toilet Pump replacement

Other damages tend to be more simple and straight forward. A toilet pump not working properly is an easy fix, and you being the handy type can fix it less than 10 minutes.

Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

If your home is like some that often have to have the rooter guys show up to open up the clogs in your toilet or shower, it could be your plumbing is too old or not serviced. Homes that are older have galvanized plumbing, often cracks, breaks or causes clogs. New plumbing tends to be considered still part of the bathroom repairs, but rather then replacing the plumbing and leaving the old design, most homeowners just redesign it.

More Bathroom remodeling repairs can consist of vanity counter-top repairs, mold damage, and window replacement.

Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

Bathroom remodeling projects are often over looked when it comes to design. In Irvine, things are different. Families remodel once, but do it right and have a lasting bathroom for over 30 plus years.

Modern Bathroom Remodeling 

Modern bathroom remodeling designs are often colder, more square shaped, and leave your guests feeling that they entered a sophisticated area. It can be installed with all the latest technology and ensure a satisfied experience.

Classic Victorian Designed Bathroom Remodeling

Victorian designed bathrooms are nestled for those that appreciate art, culture, and design. Its on the far end of the scale in comparison to modern bathrooms. The design and layout features a tub above shower enclosures, with classic look for granite tiles throughout the bathroom.

Traditional Craftsmen Bathroom Design

This is by far one of the most common types of bathroom remodeling in Irvine, CA. Homeowners want a fast and affordable option, which traditional bathrooms tend to be.

When is it the right time to remodel?

Lets come to terms, there is no perfect time to remodel your bathroom in Irvine. Its a common misconception to understand the best time to remodel.

There are ideal times to remodel and our general contractors encourage homeowners to remodel then to save hundreds of dollars when we are doing a full tear down, or partial tear down. Its important to plan and remodel accordingly, but on average a homeowner should consider to remodel or repair an average budget bathroom every 10-15 years.

Is it time to remodel? How about a repair? We are eager to schedule your free bathroom remodeling estimate in Irvine, CA.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

4 Trending Home Improvement Projects Santa Ana, CA

Trending Home Improvement Projects Near You

Owning a home in Santa Ana, is one of the best investments you could have made after the crash of 2008. The market has seen a significant rise in value for homes in Santa Ana, and that is due to the housing marketing and trends in home improvements and remodeling.

We love to share our 4 major projects that stand out for homeowners interested in purchasing, or for existing homeowners that want to add value.

Our general contractors in Santa Ana, share insightful trends that show what neighbors consider valuable, and ideas for your next home improvement project. Learn about Inner City Skyline Inc - 855-751-4663

4 Trends To Consider

Our list of 4 trendy home improvement projects and why we find them to be worth the investment.

Lawn Removal going Drought Friendly

Since 2015, California has been in a extreme drought and lawn removal and replacement helps save thousands each year. When comparing to what it would cost to maintain fresh lawn, homeowners can save up to $120 a month.

Lawn removal offers homeowners a way to start from scratch. A clean canvass for homeowners to remodel the front yard, back yard, or small garden.

There are 3 major categories of drought tolerant designs available in Santa Ana. We promote native California friendly plants that use very little water. There are also succulents and decomposed granite combinations which help eliminate sprinklers, and regular maintenance. Lastly, there are artificial grass options for homeowners living in apartment complex or with homes that have homeowner associations.

Room Additions Or Building Guest Houses

Trends are continuing strong for affordable housing and one way to create more affordable housing is guest houses and garage units. On average homeowners that invest in a second unit for their homes recover 100% of the costs within five years. Investment recovery method is equity for your home, and rental income.

Homeowners are turning to retirement as baby boomers retire. Adding a guest house in the back will help them live a lavish lifestyle with the additional income.

Our contractors can help you get started in Santa Ana, by scheduling a free estimate.

Bamboo Flooring Throughout House

A luxury item to say the least, homeowners in Santa Ana, CA have turned away from cheap pergo laminate flooring to a more premium material that is said to last a lifetime.

Bamboo flooring for locals in Santa Ana, CA is one of the fastest growing projects in the area. We noticed homeowners complaining about the same issues, with cheaper quality laminate floors. We offered bamboo flooring and did an open house for the community. Homeowners are flocking to quality branded bamboo floors.

Schedule a free estimate (855) 751-4663 to learn more today!

Window Replacements

As Santa Ana, CA becomes more and more crowded we notice homeowners are upgrading windows to reduce sound from the outside. Windows that are insulated are far superior at preventing sound waves from entering the house.

Also, window damages can occur with vinyl windows that were installed in the 1990's. These windows often turn yellow, and the hinges break causing security risks and not properly closing. We provide window replacements and ensure the windows are providing the energy efficiency you need for your home in Santa Ana. we ensure quality, without compromising on our promise for low prices.

Schedule a free estimate today. (855) 751-4663

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Top 5 FAQ General Contracting Santa Ana, CA (FREE ESTIMATES)

Frequently Asked Questions For Our General Contractors In Santa Ana,CA

With over 30 years of remodeling experience, we have selected top 5 questions we get asked often when we are bidding for general contracting or home remodeling project in Santa Ana, CA. Our customers are always seeking more information regarding what we do, how we do it, and how we can help them. Here it is, enjoy!

How are your general remodeling estimates created? 

Our general contractors have regular training with our field estimators which help guide them on costs for general contracting and remodeling in Santa Ana community. Our general contractor is updated on costs from vendors, in addition to foreman on job sites to determine the most accurate pricing for our customers. The most costly aspect of any remodeling is the labor costs in Southern California.

Why should we hire you verses other general contractors in Santa Ana?

Our method of remodeling is different in comparison to our competition in Santa Ana. We are modern, and our project managers strongly believe in functionality, and energy efficiency. Our general contractor is regularly updated with new financing programs which help homeowners finance home improvement projects. Furthermore, our experience ensures you get everything and more mentioned in your specific contract. That is why we provide free estimates and a final written contract when our clients agree to do the work with us.

Do you provide financing for general remodeling? 

Inner City Skyline does not provide financing through our organization. However, we do work with 3rd party financing organization that do provide financing for certain project. Discover what can be financed, and what options are available for your home improvement project.

Furthermore, California offers rebates on certain water-wise remodeling and energy efficiency products. Learn about these and more with a free estimate in Santa Ana, CA.

Do you provide free inspections in Santa Ana, CA?

Our estimators provide free in-home inspections for any home improvement or remodeling projects our clients inquire. There is no written estimate until we agree on a price that is suitable for both parties. Free visual inspection of your foundation, roof, or mold damage are done regularly to speculate on whether there will be or wont be any damage to the area. Actual tests vary, and each estimator will determine an appropriate move forward.

What is your costs for a bathroom remodel in Santa Ana?

In order for us to determine a price for your bathroom remodel in Santa Ana, we would need to see the area, and asses the design. On average a bathroom can range from $5,435 - $13, 450 depending on the size, materials, condition of the existing bathroom and design.

Free Estimates | Schedule A Quote Today 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

3 Ways We Help Save Homeowners Thousands - Santa Ana General Contractors

Affordable General Contractors Santa Ana, CA 

Finding an affordable general contractor for your home improvement project in Santa Ana, CA is no easy task. There are tons of contractors out there, and homeowners often have to rely on referral sites for the best recommendations.

Tip 1. 
Referral Sites rarely recommend Quality General Contractors
Do you know how these referral sites make money? Selling your information to the highest bidder, not the best or lowest priced contractor for your project. On average hiring a contractor by visiting there site will get you a better deal verses using 3rd party referral sites. 

3 Ways We Help Save Homeowners Thousands In Home Improvement Costs

Inner City Skyline and our team of general contractors and remodeling experts work together to provide low cost home improvement and remodeling for homeowners in the Santa Ana. Our contractors emphasis on buying bulk, using our discounts and experience to keep construction costs low on all major projects.

Buying Bulk Materials To Save Homeowners 

Often times two different homeowners are interested in remodeling the same part of the house, and buying bulk can save thousands in the long run. That is what we provide to our customers in Santa Ana and rest of orange county. There were many instances where we bought Owens roofing shingles in bulk for 2-3 houses at a time and saved our customers on average 13% on there entire roof.

When you compare our prices verses our competitors, you will understand that the costs are low, due to the volume of work we take on. Other instances were when we took on a few flooring projects for a neighborhood in Santa Ana. Homeowners saved an additional 5% since we combined 2 houses full of premium grade Italian flooring.

Better Deals For Licensed Contractors

If we are not buying in bulk, our license grants us exclusive low prices on premium quality materials at almost every warehouse, and hardware stores in Orange County. We pass on our savings to our clients by outbidding almost every handyman, and unlicensed contractor! Plus we have our license, our bond, and our commitment to finishing every project we start. We wont flake,  or stop responding like some of our competitors.

Home Depot offers 10% off for contractors, and holds the tax. This is a big savings when you buy bulk. Other tile companies, counter top manufactures and window manufactures also provide discounts up to 35% off.

Experience Builders

If you think an inexperienced general contractor can keep costs low, you are in for a rude awakening. You must have heard the horror stories when a contractor takes on a product, busts a pipe, and almost doubles the cost of the project? This is one of the more common reasons why homeowners choose a licensed general contractor with experience. If a project job site is damaged by an inexperienced laborer, the general contractor is held responsible.

If job cost was $3,200, and sold price was $4,500 chances are the profits were already cutting it very close. Now with a burst pipe, some water damage or mold, then the bathroom remodel can cost the contractor closer to $3,750 making the overall project not worth it.

Experience is beyond valuable when it comes to home construction, remodeling and design. Even a flawed design can be noticed after the project is completed and if the homeowner is dissatisfied, it could cost the contractor to abandon the project.

Schedule Your Free Estimate in Santa Ana, CA 

Schedule your free remodeling estimate in Santa Ana with one of our best estimators. Our general contractors in Santa Ana have the integrity to outbid and earn your business with professional estimates that will beat our competitors.

Monday, February 12, 2018

4 Benefits of Driveway Expansion | Schedule Free Estimate

4 Benefits of Driveway Expansion

Learn about our 4 major benefits of driveway expansions in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Riverside communities. Free Quotes for all homeowners! Schedule your estimate right now. 
(949) 354-4845

More Parking Room with New Driveway

Are you tired of driving around your block looking for parking? Most homeowners have a driveway but often is only designed for one car. That can be challenging for a family of four that all are starting to drive. Southern California is becoming overly crowded and finding parking in your neighborhood often is a hassle. 
Inner City Skyline expands driveways by cementing and installing professional concrete for more room to park cars and more. Our driveway expansion projects are city approved, and help homeowners solve the parking problems that might be bothering them. 

Easy Parking  with a Larger Driveway

Have you noticed how narrow your driveway is? Older homes have designed narrow driveways and expanding the driveway will help you easily get in and out of your existing driveway. Its a big deal for homeowners that often are going and coming, while the damage that can occur to your home can save you thousands especially on a lease. 
Once you expand your driveway, coming in and out of your driveway would be an easy breezy experience. Schedule your free estimate to get a more in depth quote from us today. 

Beautiful Driveway Designs

Our driveway designers are one of the best in the industry, helping homeowners create a driveway that looks great, adds functionality, and design that stands out! 
Scheduling a free estimate with one of our local designers can help you get a better understanding of what we can do. We do concrete designs because they are flexible and completely customizable. Schedule a free quote now. 

Low Maintenance landscaping

Lastly, its all about maintenance costs for your lawn. If you have a large grassy front yard, you understand the water, and maintenance costs that are associated with it. Homeowners now can save water, and maintenance costs by installing more concrete and reducing the lawn area. More concrete means more space to park, while no lawn equals thousands in saving.



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Benefits of Quartz Countertops For Homeowners - Why Quartz

Benefits Of Quartz Counter-tops In Huntington Beach Kitchen Designs

Are you interested in replacing your kitchen counter-tops? As engineered stones are becoming more and more used throughout Kitchens in Huntington Beach, we noticed trends shifting towards Quartz Countertops.

What Is Quartz Counter tops?

Quartz Countertops are engineered stone made by man, that has a number of benefits that are great for kitchen remodeling.

Quartz Countertops Are Attractive

If you are looking for a contemporary kitchen counter-tops, Quartz Counter-tops is one of the best materials to choose. They are one of the most sought after, beautiful seamless counter-tops you can purchase in 2018.

Quartz Countertops Have More Color Choices

If you have a wacky taste and looking for something out of the ordinary, Quartz Counter-tops can be a good selection for you.  Since its artificially engineered, it comes in many different colors and selection. Designs are well made to create beautiful kitchens.






Quartz Non-Porous Meaning Great For Stain Resistant.

Quartz countertops are one of the best options for kitchens that are in constant use. Other than Stainless, Quartz last a life time. Easily one of the most durable countertops of 2018.

Schedule A Free Countertop Installation Quote

Inner City Skyline Inc provides both quartz counter-tops, and helps homeowners install it in their new kitchens. If you do need help getting started, or ideas on new countertops for your home, check us out! 

Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing Huntington Beach - 2018

Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing 

Cabinet Resurfacing is one of the best options for well intact kitchens and our general contractors in Huntington Beach are one of the best at cabinet resurfacing. Yup, we take existing cabinets and make new again by sanding, staining and resurfacing damaged areas and renew the existing look of the cabinets.

Most homeowners rarely consider cabinet resurfacing as an option.Its most overlooked project. Once the cabinets are broken, they are simply replaced. Its a trend that has been going on for a while now, but its slowly reversing. Homeowners can save on average 60% of the full cost of a kitchen remodeling project by simply resurfacing the cabinets.


Cabinet Resurfacing Designs

Laminate or Veneer wood is used to resurface cabinets. When you begin your cabinet resurfacing, your imagination is the only limitation. Homeowners can turn existing cabinets into any design they can imagine. Cabinet doors are often replaced as part of the resurfacing project. Choosing your theme like rustic, traditional or Victorian can narrow your options and help you start designing your perfect kitchen.

Benefits of Cabinet Resurfacing

  • Low costs option for new kitchen
  • As customizable as your local contractor that is doing the work
  • Open canvass to design your dream kitchen

In 2018, most people are driven by lowering costs due to the uncertainty of the world today. Schedule your free estimate with Inner City Skyline, your local kitchen remodeling contractor in Huntington Beach and nearby.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3 Tips for Homeowners To Save BIG on Costly Damages - Huntington Beach, CA

Avoiding Costly Damages For Your Home Huntington Beach

Are we all prone to surprises? Some surprises are great for the soul, while others are often horrific and costly. Home improvement projects that are unplanned are one of the most soul crushing horrific scenes, not even the best horror movies can depict. My intentions are not to scare you, but to make you aware of the situation you might find yourself one day, even though i hope you never get the opportunity to experience. 

Here it is guys, the moment of truth. Are you ready to imagine?

Imagine Thanksgiving dinner and you have your family, and maybe in-laws over. Weather channel predicted rain, but light. All of a sudden you notice heavy rains outside just hours before your dinner. Its perfectly fine as you have set up the table indoors. And then it happens. The ceiling starts to spot and water begins to drip from the ceiling. Nightmare has just began. 

3 Regular Inspections to Perform for INSANE savings

How could we have prevented the roof leaks if we could have done something? I am here to suggest that performing roof inspections regularly, by a professional roofer can save you this insane headache, especially during family events and holidays.

Tip 1. Roof Inspections

Roofing inspections are easy and affordable to do for pro roofers. It can range from $300-$500 per inspection and can assure your roof is in good condition. We recommend a roof inspection every 3-5 years.

Schedule A Free Estimate if you see ceiling damages, leaks and other roof related damages from us, Inner City Skyline Inc.  | 855-751-4663

Tip 2. Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing inspections at least the visible areas should be inspected by homeowners every single year as things tend to leak far more from faucets, under the sink, in the attic, or crawlspace far more then a good solid roof.

Most homeowners can check, but if you do need a second set of eyes, check us out! We do walk through for homeowners every single day. We have over 25 years of remodeling and home improvement experience, making our eyes the best in the industry.

Tip 3. Foundation Inspection

Lastly, the 3rd is more serious and always left for the last to scare you only at the end of the article (hoping you read this far at least) Why Foundation inspections one might ask? If you noticed your windows or doors not aligning up properly or not closing correctly, your homes foundation might be compromised. If you noticed your floors starting to sink in areas around the house, the foundation might be at fault. There are numerous reasons why you should check your foundation, each of the reasons being worse than than the other.

Schedule your foundation inspection | 855-751-4663 | Inner City Skyline Inc.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

3 Ways To Instantly Add Character To Your Home - Interior Home Painting

3 Ways To Instantly Add Character To your Home

Adding character to a home has many significant value, and can add value, increase mood, and allow you to be as creative as you can possible be with just a few simple changes. Color and interior painting is the fastest and most affordable way to add depth and character to your home. 

I like many others, love my home. I love my home so much I even named it Bobkin. I know it might sound strange to name your home, but when you name something close to you, one adds a different level of connection to the object, or thing. 

I want even further and thought to myself how would Bobkin look. Thus i created 3 ways of instantly adding character to any home. Driven by attachment, I created this plan.

Painting Strips for bedroom

stripes painting wall

The image above is an example of what i mean by painting strips in your bedroom. A simple color would look great or just plain white is okay too but adding strips, you are instantly making someone love it or hate it depending on the choice of colors you use. 

stripes living room painting ideas

It does not necessary have to be a wild color with shades. It can be a simple gray wall with columns of white or accent color to match your interior design. The image above instantly adds depth, design and character by incorporating the walls in the interior design perspective. 

This leads us to our next section of adding character by interior painting; Accent Wall Painting 

Accent Wall Painting Service

accent wall painting LA

Accent wall painting services is another way to add creative and yet distinguished character to rooms of your house. For example, the image above adds a depth to the house and the dark aqua color can add peace and relaxation to a bedroom. This can help with sleeping, relaxing in bed, or even improve reading. 

Inner City Skyline (company I work at) designed children's room by stencil art on an accent wall. This was done according to a theme our clients chose like ocean, Disney, and etc. This immediately added character to the child's room by bringing the characters to life, in a room where the child spends most of the time in. 

orange accent wall paint

Here is another example of adding character to your home by painting an accent home. Its a trendy new way of adding design by interior decorators. Inner City Skyline has done several projects of just simple one wall bright paint to add character. 

Painting with Textured - Interior Design

spanish wall painting ideas

Best example of textured paint I found online is the image above. The impression I received was Spanish style or Middle Eastern. The color selection and furniture color indicates that. If you are interested in adding this depth, a textured wall can create the illusion of older and more antic look. 

If you feel your balance to nature and mother earth is missing, you can attempt to recreate a room with a textured paint and color green. The image above can help you reconnect in a modern world and instantly add character to any room of your house. 

Inner City Skyline Inc. 

I hope you enjoyed my writing, and how I would add character to a home. If you are in the market to sell your home, or add depth to your home by interior paint, check us out. 

Inner City Skyline  | Licensed and Insured General Contractor | 25 Years Of Remodeling Experience

Our Website
(855) 751-4663

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